Flat roof pipe collar – TPO

Article: Diameter: Height: Price:
i113.3 35 - 90 [mm] 180 [mm] 13,57 EUR

Pieces in a box: 25 pcs.

13,57 EUR

Intended for sealing through-roof passages of sewage, ventilation and other pipes.

Can be bound with TPO after heating.

Does not require adhesive.

The diameter can be adjusted from 35 mm to 90 mm.

We recommend using a band clip to provide more effective sealing.

Articles: A B C D E F G I h
i113.3 34 49 59 74 79 89 92 340 185
* Values in mm.


A) Band clip

B) Sealing flange

C) TPO membrane

D) Thermal insulation

E) Water vapour barrier

F) Ceiling

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