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                         Welcome to POLPROFILI.COM


Here you can find a broad range of roof accessories for thermoplastic bitumen membranes, PVC, TPO, EPDM, and ECP membranes, and liquid and concrete insulation.


In addition, we also possess various kinds of accessories for constructing terraces, such as terrace supports for slabs and decking, cross spacers, concealed installation sets, and many more.


Roof drains


TOP insulated roof drainSure-Fix 330 roof drainStandard 240 roof drain for bituminous membranesStandard roof drain 250 for PVC membraneHorizontal roof outlet for liquid insulation without a trap


We possess many types of roof drains for gravity drainage that differ from each other in diameter, length, and the material used to make them. This allows you to select a drain appropriate to the used waterproofing (bitumen, PVC, TPO, EPDM membrane, etc.).


The universal roof drains for all types of waterproofing are the TOP and Surefix drains sealed mechanically.


The TOP drain is the only drain that can possess an integral insulation and heating.


For the remaining drains we suggest the self-regulating heating clamps.


We recommend the use of the heating clamps as it prevents the creation of a “spigot” in the drain. We also recommend the use of guards protecting against leaves and other contamination that may block the water outflow.


Through wall parapet roof drains (emergency overflow)


            Scupper drain for liquid and concrete insulationThrough wall parapet drain for PVC membraneThrough wall parapet roof drain for liquid and concrete insulation  Elbow connector for through wall parapet roof drains  Conical rainhead – brown


They are used for horizontal or vertical water drainage.


We possess two types of through wall parapet roof drains: scupper and through wall parapet roof drains (emergency overflow).


The scuppers are used to drain water directly from, e.g. balconies. They do not possess the function of connecting subsequent elements to the water drainage system. They occur in several colours – you can choose them to the colour of the facade.


The through wall parapet roof drains (emergency overflow) are offered in the versions for six different waterproofing types and in a broad range of diameters and lengths.


The conical rainhead prevent the water from returning on the drained surface.


As in the case of drains, we recommend the use of heating clamps and protective guards.


Vent pipes and roof dryer vents


Vent pipe for bitumen membrane – IDEAL systemVent pipe for PVC membrane – IDEAL systemESTRAER vent pipe moisture removal cap - IDEAL systemRoof dryer vent – blackAdjustable roof vent – brown


They are used to ventilate the roof structure.


In our offer you can find vent pipes for three types of roofing: thermoplastic bitumen membrane, PVC membrane, and TPO membrane.


The vent pipe’s ability to drain moisture from between the layers of a roof increases thanks to the use of the ESTRAER draining cap for vent pipes and the application of the Venturi effect.


The vent pipe extensions allow to lead out the moisture from between all the thermal insulation and waterproofing layers through the vent pipe.


Roof pipe sealings


                                  Flat roof pipe collar – thermoplastic bitumen membrane  Flat roof pipe collar – PVC  Vent pipe cover


The roof vents secure the ends of the pipes ventilating the attic, bathroom, kitchen, and all of the other rooms, in which occurs a big amount of water vapour. They are installed in order to avoid the sudden cooling of the ventilation air in the end sections of the vent pipes and, as a result, the condensation of the water vapour.


In addition, they protect against the drip of the possible condensate along the vent pipes.


They are used in combination with the roof pipe sealing – art. i58 or art. i59.


They are manufactured in two colours: ashen and brown.


The roof pipe seal is used to secure these places in the waterproofing, where it is necessary to lead various types of systems (ventilation, drainage, conductor holder, wiring, and other) through the roof.


Paving support pads for lifted terraces


       Modular paving fixed height support pad 12 mm  Paving fixed height support pad 25 mmPaving support pad with height regulation, diameter 200 mmSelf-levelling support pad with height regulationThe Megamart paving support pad with height regulation


On our website you can finds supports with height ranging from 5 mm to 1,020 mm.


The modular paving support pads possess the ability to be connect with up to 5 other pads. Thanks to their construction and price, they are the best alternative for the so-called bags with mortar.


The adjustable support pads are divided into: support pads with fixed height, adjustable support pads with the ability of lower correction of the ground inclination (inclination angle regulation up to 6%), self-levelling support pads with built-in upper levelling system (up to 10.5%), and support pads with increased durability and height.


The width of the grout can be adjusted through the selection of the distance cap (place), the use of the cross spacer with appropriate width, or the use of support pads used for the construction of a wooden or composite terrace by using the caps adapted to the installation of wooden decking.


We encourage you to see the PROJECTS with use of our support pads.


Lighting protection system


                                                       Lightning conductor support       Lightning protection conductor


In our shop you can find a conductor holder, which is the support pad holding the earthing (e.g. an aluminium rod in the lighting protection system).


In its upper part is located a rotary gripper. It is installed on the roof without a mechanical interference in the waterproofing. We also sell aluminium conductor used for the construction of the lighting protection system.


Roof corners


                                                     Internal roof corner for bitumen membrane   External roof corner for PVC membrane


In our assortment are present the internal and external corners of the thermoplastic bitumen membrane, PVC membrane, and TPO membrane. Thanks to their application, the finishing of the roof waterproofing gains tightness and aesthetic appearance.


Joint and sealing tapes


                            Joint tape for thermoplastic bitumen membrane     Joint tape for PVC membrane    “WATERSTOP” sealing tape


We have three types of tapes in our offer: for thermoplastic bitumen membrane, for PVC foil, and for concrete.


The tapes for the bitumen membrane and for PVC foil are used to seal the gaps resulting from the construction of the roof.


After applying the tape it is covered in a normal manner with the selected membrane (preferably with an overlap over the gap).


The Waterstop sealing tape seals the joint gaps and working gaps in the monolithic ferroconcrete structures.