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Welcome to Polprofili


The POLPROFILI Company was founded in 1998 in response to the increasing demand for the modern solutions for draining water and ventilating newly constructed and refurbished roofs in the innovative for that time thermoplastic bitumen membranes technology.


Following the expanding range of waterproofing we introduced in our offer goods dedicated to be used with PVC foils, EPDM and TPO membranes and liquid insulations.


Thanks to the use of the self-regulating heating clamps suggested by us for the water drainage elements, you have the possibility to significantly reduce the danger of overburdening your roof during the winter.


An interesting group of goods comprises the ventilation elements for the roofs covered with bituminous shingle. We are the only company in Poland that can provide the aforementioned goods in the colour of the shingle used by the purchaser.


In our offer you can also find the very wide range of supports used to construct terraces (placed under terrace slabs and under the decking of wooden terraces) and the innovative conductor holders.


The diversification of the offer provides the customers with an optimal selection of goods adapted precisely to their needs. This has been recognised by the recipients from USA, Russia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Belarus and Ukraine.


We are certain that the range of goods offered on our website will meet your expectations, whether you are building a new roof, refurbishing an old one, or are looking for a solution to the terrace installation problem.


Efficient communication, short Order completiton time and adapting to the needs and expectations of the customer are the key components that are included in the Company’s strategy.


Our goods are covered by manufacturer’s warranty that lasts even up to 10 years.