Scupper drain for membranes – PVC

Article: Dimensions: Length: Price:
120-330-345-100 48 x 57 [mm] 345 [mm] 13,10 EUR

Price for 1 pcs

Pieces in a box: 10 pcs.

13,10 EUR

Made of special material characterised by high resistance to UV radiation, ozone, and other atmospheric and chemical agents.

Due to refining additives, the drains maintain their flexibility and dimensional stability in a wide temperature range.

Intended for draining roofs and terraces.

When installed horizontally, make sure the drain is pitched at a 3 - 5 degree angle.

The scupper drains are welded to PVC in 450 – 520 ˚C.

Higher temperature may cause damage to the UV-resistant layer, leading to deterioration of the scupper drain and loss of integrity.

Articles: A B C D d1 E F F1 L
120-330-345-100 48 56 90 84 60 120 270 120 345
* Values in mm.


A) Through wall parapet roof drain – scupper drain

B) PVC membrane

C) Separating layer

D) Levelling layer with pitch

E) Ceiling

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