The Micromart paving support pads with height regulation - fugue 6x16mm

Article: Height: Price:
240-630-001-010 10 - 15 [mm] 1,05 EUR
240-630-001-015 15 - 20 [mm] 1,40 EUR
240-630-001-020 20 - 25 [mm] 1,76 EUR
240-630-001-025 25 - 30 [mm] 2,11 EUR
240-630-001-030 30 - 35 [mm] 2,46 EUR

Pieces in a box: 20 pcs.

1,05 EUR

1,30 EUR

The adjustable MICROMART support pads was created to give the possibility of precise laying of the terrace surface from the slightest elevation.

The adjustment range starting from 10 mm allows you to achieve what has never been possible before.

Height adjustment can be made by rotating one of the two elements forming the stand.

Non-invasive assembly allows you to build a terrace on any surface, and then carry out corrections, repairs and inspections of the terrace without the risk of damaging the elements forming the terrace and the surface on which it was constructed.

The plate is designed to support the terrace slab with a height of more than 20 mm and fugue of 6 mm.

The support pads are used for laying terrace tiles directly on waterproofing (thermo-weldable roofing paper, PVC foil, EPDM, etc.).


- resistance to harmful weather conditions, including acid rain and UV radiation

- easy and fast way of laying the terrace surface.

- easy access to installations located under the surface of the terrace.

- thanks to the smooth height adjustment, support pads allow to level the uneven surface.

- the use of the slope regulators allows level the terrace surface.

- increase of thermal insulation caused by the air space between the top layer and the remaining layers of the flat roof.

- it is possible to use a correction and sound absorbing pad for additional amortization between the plate and the support pads.

- to adjust the spacing between the plates ("fugue"), the top of the stand (plate) can be removed and a spacer (3 mm, 4 mm or 5 mm) can be placed.

One support pads withstands a pressure of 400 kg, assuming a 50% reduction in value in order to maintain safety standards.

The product is made of PP T 20%.

If there is a risk of uneven pressing, it is recommended to use sound absorbing pads (accessories for support pads).

A B C D E F h
190 15 6 16 5 150 10-15

*Values in mm