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Self-levelling paving support pads with height regulation - MINIBALANCE - fugue 2x10 mm

Article: Height: Price:
240-480-300-025 25 - 40 [mm] 2,29 EUR
240-480-300-026 30 - 45 [mm] 2,62 EUR
240-480-300-027 35 - 50 [mm] 2,94 EUR

Base diameter: 150 [mm]

Price for 1 pcs

Pieces in a box: 25 pcs.

Wysyłka 24H

2,29 EUR

2,82 EUR

Mini Balance support pad with height regulation for paving slabs with height at least 20 mm and fugue space 2,2 mm.

These supports can be placed directly on waterproofing (tar roofing, PCV foil, EPDM etc.)


- resistance to harmful weather conditions, including rain and UV radiation

- fast and simple solution to construct aesthetic floor.

- special head help to achieve perfect level even with 5% tilt.

- load capacity 400 kg after reducing the value in order to comply with safety standards.

- unique system prevents slabs movement.

- easy access to any installation hidden under the floor.

- easy regulation system provides perfect surface levelling.

- the lower part of the support pad has been designed in such a way that the water is removed directly on the waterproofing and the creation of water puddles is avoided.

- high thermal isolation provided by space between raised surface and foundation.

- rubber shim  as an amortization between slabs and supports.

Made out of PP T 20% material.

A B C D E F h h2 h3 h4
120 2,2 15 10 150 140 25-40 30-45 35-50 5
*Values in mm.