Conical rainhead – grey

Article: Colour: Price:
i118G Grey 32,76 EUR

Pieces in a box: 12 pcs.

Price for 1 pcs

32,76 EUR

A conical rainhead with a through wall parapet roof drain provides drainage of the roof surface.

Its design prevents water from overflowing even when the downpipe is clogged.

Connects a through wall parapet roof drain with a downpipe. Made from special material characterised by high resistance to UV radiation, ozone, and other atmospheric and chemical agents.

Articles: A B C D E F
i118G 195 230 45 100 190 100
* Values in mm.


A) Through wall parapet roof drain

B) Thermoplastic bitumen membrane

C) Bitumen base

D) Thermal insulation

E) Water vapour barrier

F) Levelling layer with pitch

G) Ceiling

H) Conical rainhead

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