Protective set for through wall parapet roof drain, diameter 50 - 125 mm

Article: Application: Price:
i24+24.3 Bitumen membrane 5,97 EUR
i24+24.4 PVC membrane 6,08 EUR

This article is selling with i24 grates with instalation.

The guard should be properly cut before mounting.

5,97 EUR

7,34 EUR

The set includes the i24 protective guard and mounting intended for the i24.3 thermoplastic bitumen membrane or the i24.4 mounting for the PVC foil.

The purpose of the set is to secure the through wall parapet roof drain against clogging with the contamination that may be found on the roof.

  • To install the set, first you should adjust the guard and correctly cut it.
  • The next step is to mark the places, in which the handles will be mounted.
  • The installation of the handles occurs after they and the place of planned mounting are heated as they completely bituminise with the dedicated waterproofing.

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