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Roof drain guard, diameter: 60-110mm

Article: Diameter: Height: Price:
i25 124 [mm] 55 [mm] 2,40 EUR

Wysyłka 24H

2,40 EUR

Guard for roof drainage systems. Prevents pipes from clogging.

The guard can be easily attached to TOP and anti-overflow roof drains as it does not exceed over the flange. It is useful on roofs where space over the drain is limited.

Keep in mind that the guard is located below the surface of the roof, thus it is likely to become clogged with leaves and other contaminants. We recommend using it under a closed surface such as a terrace to protect it against rodents and components of other systems located close to the drain.

Due to an all-purpose mounting system, the guard can be fitted to almost all kinds of roof drains of diameter from 60 mm to 110 mm.


1) TOP roof drain

2) i25 guard

3) Terrace support

4) Thermal insulation of the roof drain

5) Downpipe

6) Ceiling/floor

7) First layer of insulation

8) Second layer of insulation

9) Separating layer

10) Thermal insulation layer

11) Non-woven fabric layer

12) Surface of the terrace

Photo of the guard in a TOP roof drain


Photo of the guard in an anti-overflow roof drain

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