Roof pipe seal – TPO

Article: Diameter: Height: Price:
150-370-060-010 10 [mm] 60 [mm] 3,51 EUR

Pieces in a box: 25 pcs.

3,51 EUR

Intended for sealing wire, cable, etc. through-roof ducting.

The sealing flange is easily weldable with TPO membrane, providing a tight connection and preventing water from penetrating hydro-insulation.

Articles: A B h
150-370-060-010 10 155 60
* Values in mm.

1) Sealing
2) Cable tie
3) Wire
4) Waterproofing - TPO membrane
5) Ceiling


A) Band clip

B) Sealing flange

C) TPO membrane

D) Thermal insulation

E) Water vapour barrier

F) Ceiling