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Modular paving fixed height support pads 15mm

Article: Height: Diameter: Price:
i61.1 15 [mm] 150 [mm] 0,31 EUR

Price for 1 pcs

Pieces in a box: 250 pcs.

Shipment 24H

Price for single unit.

0,31 EUR

- +

These fixed height (15 mm) supports can be placed directly on waterproofing (tar roofing, PCV foil, EPDM etc.) and are perfect for paving terraces.

They are also used to build wooden terraces without the need to mechanically attach the joists to the ground.


- fast and simple solution to construct aesthetic floor.

- unique system prevents slabs movement caused by changing temperatures or walking on raised floor.

- easy access to any installation hidden under the floor.

- high thermal isolation provided by space between raised surface and foundation.

- supports are modular and it's possible to stack them up to 5 pieces to reduce differences in foundation height.

- rubber shim 2,5 mm (article 240-910-150-003) is good addition as an amortization between slabs and supports.

It is NOT possible to attach any modular fixed height support pads to regulated support pedestals.

One support pad has weight tolerance 1000 KG. This value is already reduced by 50% for safety reasons.

Articles: A - lug width B C h
i61.1 3 11 150 15
*Values in mm.

How to montage slabs on modular fixed height support pads from Polprofili:

Support can be easily divided in 2, 3 or 4 pieces - regular or irregular.

To divide them you have to break support in specially designed spots.

After dividing supports in needed combinations they should be set in predicted corners of a slab.

Modular fixed height support pads can be stacked together if needed - to achieve bigger height. It's possible to stack up to 5 pads with different heights.

Examples of support arrangement support pads under slabs of paving terrace:

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