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Horizontal roof outlet with a trap

Article: Diameter: Price:
i144 50 [mm] 17,00 EUR
i145 75 [mm] 18,97 EUR

Length: 174 [mm]

Price for 1 pcs

Pieces in a box: 12 pcs.

17,00 EUR

20,91 EUR

Horizontal roof outlets (items i144, i145) are intended for using with 50 and 75 mm diameter downpipes. Horizontal roof drains provide a great solution for connecting waterproof bitumen membrane to a downpipe.

Made of special material that binds well with bitumen membranes, they are characterised by high resistance to UV radiation, ozone, and other atmospheric and chemical agents. Due to refining additives, the roof drains maintain their flexibility and dimensional stability in a wide temperature range and provide short-time resistance to welding, enabling you to weld them directly to bitumen membrane.

Installed with a connector (item i146) that enables you to adjust the height according to the thickness of the actual surface (concrete, slabs, paving stone, etc.). The connector is equipped with a PP grate (item i143) or a stainless steel grate (item i149). Can be connected to standard sewage pipes and downpipes.

Intended for application on roofs, terraces, in garages, bathrooms, etc. Drains with a trap should not be installed if there is a possibility of water freezing unless a self-regulating heating clamp is used (item im119).

Articles: A B D D1 h
i144 304 174 102 50 62
i145 304 174 102 75 85
* Values in mm.

1. Prepare an appropriate installation location.

2. Position the roof drain correctly and attach it to the downpipe.

3. Apply thermoplastic bitumen membrane and weld it to the drain.

4. Position the "connector with a grate" (item 146) and complete the finishing works.

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