Extra-long 485 roof drain for bitumen membrane

Article: Diameter: Price:
i101 80 [mm] 21,88 EUR
i102 100 [mm] 24,92 EUR
i103 125 [mm] 27,03 EUR
i104 140 [mm] 30,89 EUR

Length: 485 [mm]

Price for 1 pcs

Pieces in a box

Article Pieces in a box
i101 30 pcs.
i102 30 pcs.
i103 25 pcs.
i104 20 pcs.

Flow capacity l/s

Diameter: H* 1cm: H* 10cm:
80 [mm] 1,6 l/s 5,0 l/s
100 [mm] 2,5 l/s 7,9 l/s
125 [mm] 4,2 l/s 13,6 l/s
140 [mm] 5,0 l/s 16,1 l/s

* H – Height of water column

21,88 EUR

26,91 EUR

"Extra-long 485" roof drains are intended for drainage of flat roofs covered with thermoplastic bitumen hydro-insulating membrane. Made of special material - IGOM.CE, that binds well with bitumen membranes, they are characterised by high resistance to UV radiation, ozone, and other atmospheric and chemical agents.

Due to refining additives, the roof drains maintain their flexibility and dimensional stability in a wide temperature range and provide short-time resistance to welding, enabling you to weld them directly to bitumen membrane. The sealing flange combined with a downpipe provides a tight roof drainage system. A long outlet pipe enables installation in thick ceilings.

Articles: A D h
i101 325 80 480
i102 350 100 480
i103 370 125 480
i104 385 140 480
* Values in mm.

1. Mark the roof drain seating area on the bitumen base or old roofing.

2. Heat the flange seating area with a burner until bitumen liquidates.

3. Set the drain flange in the roofing.

4. Apply and weld the top layer of bitumen membrane.


1. "Extra-long" roof drain

2. Downpipe

3. Top and base layer of thermoplastic bitumen membrane

4. Thermal insulation

5. Ceiling

6. Suspended ceiling


A) "Extra-long" roof drain

B) Top layer of bitumen membrane

C) Bitumen base

D) Thermal insulation

E) Ceiling

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