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IDEAL system – ESTRAER vent pipe moisture removal cap

Article: Height: Diameter: Price:
030-500-900-010 140 [mm] 75 [mm] 8,53 EUR

Price for 1 pcs

Pieces in a box: 20 pcs.

Shipment 24H

8,53 EUR

- +

An innovative moisture removal system for damp thermal insulation, based on the vacuum principle. Enables drying very humid thermal insulation layers without replacing them.

The concept involves generating suction power by converting kinetic energy of the air into vacuum pressure using the venturi tube effect. It enables continuous ventilation and removal of moisture accumulated in the thermal insulation.


Using ESTRAER in renovation works on roofs eliminates the need to remove old, damp layers of roofing and thermal insulation. ESTRAER guarantees removal of moisture from new thermal insulation layers.

Can be installed on existing ”IDEAL” vent pipes. Reusable – when the roof is dry, ESTRAER can be replaced with a standard cap (item 030-500-900-080). We recommend using a vent pipe with an extension to increase the efficiency of ESTRAER.

The ESTRAER should be mounted on the axis of winds most often occurring in a given neighbourhood.



1) Suction opening

2) Inlet chamber

3) Vacuum chamber

4) Latch

Articles: A C h
030-500-900-010 92 75 140
* Values in mm.



2. "IDEAL" vent pipe

3. Extension

4. Hydro-insulation

5. Thermal insulation

6. Hydro-insulation

7. Ceiling

ESTRAER should be mounted on the most frequent wind axis (90% of winds in Poland are west winds).

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