Type C expansion joint

Article: Height: Price:
420-200-008-008 8 [mm] 2,39 EUR
420-200-008-010 10 [mm] 2,62 EUR
420-200-008-012 12 [mm] 3,00 EUR

Length: 2000 [mm]

Clearance sale

2,39 EUR

2,94 EUR

Expansion joints should be used when joints between tiles are unable to absorb the surface stress due to a large floor area.

Expansion joints should be distributed so that the areas between the joints are no larger than 20 - 30 m² inside and 10 - 15 m² outside the building.

The edges and bottom of the joints are made of hard PVC, while the central part is made of soft PVC.

Such composition enables the joints to reduce any stresses on the surface of the floor.

1) Flooring

2) Expansion joint

3) Binding agent

4) Substrate