“WATERSTOP” 4TB sealing tape

Article: Width: Price:
510-010-201-200 200 [mm] 362,70 EUR
510-010-201-240 240 [mm] 421,20 EUR

Price per box25 linear meters

362,70 EUR

446,12 EUR

Sealing expansion joints and construction joints in monolithic reinforced concrete structures.

Offered tapes are high-quality flexible sections made of stabilised polyvinyl chloride (PVC) intended for sealing construction joints and horizontal and vertical expansion joints in reinforced concrete.

They provide excellent tightness even in the case of high pressure due to a water column as well as empty and filled expansion joints, and joints required in construction of dams, foundations, channels, tunnels, pools, containers, weirs, floodgates, etc.

Refined PVC provides high resistance to ageing and excellent resistance to alkalis, brackish water, and acids.

If the system is to have constant contact with hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon resistant tapes can be supplied.

Various types of expansion tapes are available that can withstand high stresses caused by settlement of buildings and distortions caused by temperature variations.

Articles: A B C D kg/m
510-010-201-200 20 20 20 200 1,86
510-010-201-240 20 20 20 240 2,01