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Thick-walled drain

Article: Length:
a7.20 1500 [mm]

It is used to isolate the conductor wire and to lead the wire in the facade.

Net price: 2,95 USD
Gross price: 3,63 USD
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Straight drain connector

Article: Material:
a7.22 plastic

Enables connecting conductor tubes.

Net price: 1,16 USD
Gross price: 1,43 USD
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Clip for water drain


Used to attach a conductor pipe to walls.

Net price: 0,36 USD
Gross price: 0,45 USD
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Ground inspection well

Article: Description: Price:
a7.03 with bottom 21,42 USD
a7.04 without bottom 21,42 USD
a7.05 with bottom, reinforced 23,11 USD
a7.06 without bottom, reinforced 23,11 USD

Houses a connecting clamp.

Product options
Net price from: 21,42 USD
Gross price from: 26,34 USD
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Housing for control of facade connections

Article: Material:
a7.01 plastic

Enables locating a connecting clamp in the facade.

Net price: 5,37 USD
Gross price: 6,61 USD
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